City Flowers Skopje

How to order

Step 1: Choose a product

Step 2: Choose from the given bouquet / indoor plant size options

Step 3: Select quantity

Step 4: Choose from popular extras like wine, chocolates, teddy bears etc. with a simple click of the product itself

Step 5: Then click on the "Add to Cart" button and the product is inserted into your cart.

Step 6: Check the balance in your shopping cart and if it's all right click on the 'towards payment' button or if you want to continue buying other products click on the 'continue shopping' button

Step 7: Enter your data 'Buyer data'. If the buyer is the same person as the recipient check the box 'Is the recipient the same as the buyer?' and the data will be automatically filled in to the recipient. If the recipient is another person enter their data in the 'Recipient Data' field

Step 8: Select the date for delivery

Step 9: Enter the message for the message card,

check the box 'I agree to the terms and conditions of purchase' and click on the 'Buy' button

Step 10: Enter your payment card details so that payment can be made

Step 11: After making the payment you will receive a message "SUCCESSFUL TRANSACTION" and a confirmation of your order on the email you have left for contact.

*** If you don’t receive confirmation for "Successful Transaction" that means that there was a problem with the order and it has not been realized. In this case, make sure you do not have a limit for online payment, check if you have not permitted the numbers when entering your payment card data, check your credit card balance and try again to make the order. If you need help please contact us at 070272728 or email

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