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City Flowers Skopje


  • Height of the plant shown in the photo: 50 cm
  • Available in one size
  • Choice between white ceramic flower pot, decorative paper or mirror flower pot
  • A free message card is included
  • Possibility to choose products (wine, chocolates, teddy bear ...)
  • Free delivery in Skopje
  • If the particular orchid is not available at the time of your order, replace the color with another


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Teddy bear
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Helium balloons
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Glass Vase
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T'ga za Jug
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Tikvesh 0,75 l
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Barovo - Red
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Alexandria Cuvée - Red
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Alexandria Cuvée - Rose
Tikvesh 0,75 l
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Alexandria Cuvée - White
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+ 750 ден
Domaine Lepovo - red
Tikvesh 0,75 l
+ 2500 ден
Domaine Lepovo - white
Tikvesh 0,75 l
+ 2500 ден

Cityflowers.mk delivers only on the territory of the City of Skopje and the delivery is always free.

Delivery is made on a "order today, receive tomorrow" basis, every working day from Monday to Saturday.

​You can also schedule delivery on a specific date, two months in advance.

Sunday and public holidays are non-working days.

For delivery in other cities throughout Macedonia, contact us at info@cityflowers.mk
The orchid is a symbol of beauty and love and does not go unnoticed wherever it is. It is one of our best-selling potted plants, great as a corporate gift, a gift to express gratitude or, to your delight, as a decoration in your own home.

You can choose orchids with a ceramic pot (shown in the photo) or wrapped in decorative paper. Message card included.
Plant height: 50 cm

Please note that certain flowers, colors or pots may not be available at the time of your order. In this case, we replace them with the most similar to the ordered ones (of equal or greater value) and with the use of which we will keep the same design of the flower / arrangement that you have chosen.
Temperature: Ideal daytime temperature 16-24°C and nighttime 16-18°C.

Light: This plant loves a lot of light. A minimum of 10 hours of light, but not direct sunlight, will help the Orchid to be happy and healthy.

Irrigation: It is best to allow the soil to dry completely before re-watering your Orchid. Too much water and constantly wet soil can cause the roots of the plant to rot. Also, do not water it on the leaves and stem as the water stays there and can cause bacteria to grow and rot.

Soil: Use land that is used for Orchids or soil with good drainage.

Feeding: Add liquid orchid feed every 10-14 days.





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